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  • Company Profile

    As a high-tech enterprise engaging in IC RD and module solutions, PIXCIR has the core technologies about projecting capacitive touch screens and received many honors from the provincial and municipal governments and obtained various qualification certificates within the industry. Ever since its establishment in 2008, it has launched 13 Tango series of chips successively. The products can be used in education whiteboard, conference system, security protection, medical equipment, vehicle mounting, intelligent home appliance, commercial display, game machine and the area of industrial control which is extremely rigid about quality and stability. In particular, the HV100 chip and its control panel can be widely used in 55-100 inch large screens. With excellent performance, they are well received by the customers.


    Core Patents

    The company’s core patents have been granted in Europe, the USA, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea and have entered the stage of maintenance. For Europe, patent maintenance is done in Switzerland, Germany, France, England and Ireland.



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    Other Patents

    The company has been granted 125 patents in China, including 58 patents for inventions and 67 patents for utility models and has obtained 3 registered trademarks and 1 wiring design for integrated circuits.


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